RISE Group offers digital transformation application extensions platform to meet enterprise business needs and enable visualization apps driven by content/data packages capable of delivering actionable intelligence.



Engage stakeholders in establishing the problem statement, correlate to industry standards, identify enterprise touch points and human factors.


Visualizing user attitudes and behaviors via empathy analysis helps teams align on a deep understanding of end users view.


Organize application requirements, process flows and changes, organizational changes and impacts and articulate ROI and overall benefits.


Generate diverse ideas and explore several approaches without having to think about possible constraints or edge cases to tackle challenge from many angles.




A cyclic process of testing and refining the design to make changes gradually, with each iteration the quality and functionality of design improves to achieve user acceptance.



  • Issue Management
  • Process Bench marking
  • Reusable Templates
  • Empathy Analysis
  • Experience Gaps
  • Design Thinking
  • ROI Estimation
  • Process Automation
  • User Experience
  • Instructional Design
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Build Micro Apps faster, better and cheaper to address the needs of individual job functions!

Leverage the SNAPDPL Platform to build products that meet industry and individual enterprise business function needs.



A schedule of features, events and milestones that present planned deliverables over a timeline which can be organized as releases.


Prioritized list of work for the team that is obtained from the roadmap and requirements with priorities and clarity.


Performing series of tasks and sub tasks in a logical manner to produce code, content or configurations that connect with other assemblies.


Shipping code easily and often is a natural part of our modular architecture to ensure compatibility and reduce risk making it test ready.


An Assemblage of files and information processed through a wizard that results in software or gamified content or executables.


A repository for methodologies, benchmarks, technical objects, how-to and troubleshooting information accessed by users.


A self service based portal as well as integrated test management that drive a continuous loop to generate quality output.


Ability to Publish software packages as extensions to core platform and content/data for rendering on devices with validations.


Simplify the process of sharing across multiple users content and packages through cost effective enterprise grade storage and security.


Online or Offline access for the user with consistency in their ability use and capture data of user experience and interactions.


Processing data collected during user interaction or sourced from integrated applications and made accessible to the authorized users.


Centralized view of incidents and tasks that leverage template based messages and notify via communication channels for proactive collaboration.



  • On Premise or Cloud
  • Device Centric Design
  • Content Optimization
  • Extensible Pacakges
  • Enterprise Integrations
  • Access Controls
  • Workflow Automation
  • Communications
  • Object Management
  • Publish Packages
  • Easy Setup
  • Testing & Support
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