Extensions or apps that are fully integrated with the SNAPDPL Platform while optimized to specific computers or smart devices and wearables which can be made customer specific for various industry specific use cases.
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Network optimized
  • Co-presence
  • Persistence
  • Work Process Automation
  • Content Packaging rendering and interaction
  • Live streaming
  • Device agnostic
  • ingest pipeline

snapdpl extensions features:-

1. Cloud Collaboration Platform

Scalable for enterprise-class collaboration across any function in the organization.

2. Network optimized

Seamlessly operates in low-bandwidth networks (> kb/s).

3. Co-Presence

Users can all participate in a single-session from individual points-of-view click here.

4. Persistence

Stored rooms enable teams to retrace steps and resume from work stream pauses.

5. Live Streaming

High Quality VOIP and ability to easily share screen or web camera.

6. Device Agnostic

Works on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, HMDs, and HUDs.

7. Ingest Pipeline

Ingest 300+ file types, with conversion and optimization for all devices to push limit on level of detail.